Modern Abstract Art - Thoughts

Here is an existential thought, are we born loving certain colors and design pieces or are preferences shaped by seeing a lot of art design work and then forming an opinion on what we like and don’t like? Would the pieces be as beautiful to us, if you were fifty or would you prefer them in your thirties? My work just by its existence elicits questions like these.

Do the pieces have a greater or lesser appeal depending on how they are positioned to the art buyer, specifically galleries or corporate buyers? Is corporate art less artsy than the contemporary art category? These questions are not just rhetorical, they have answers that aren’t relativistic, at least most of them aren’t.

Ultimately, these questions are answered by the purchaser’s intention for the piece and where they choose to display it. An interior design piece composed of color elements that make it appealing as an offset piece for new furniture, or paint job or as the finishing touch for an elegantly designed room with an implied definition of productive efficiency is still art. So does this same design piece become just a digital print, if its connection to the space is that it matches the flooring in a dorm room? What if we move the piece to a Bel Air mansion and it serves a the centerpiece for one first six living areas. The piece is the only item hanging on the wall in  the the main living room area. Its large and imposing and the well chosen frame makes the piece complement perfectly the exposed brick of this grand room. Now that the piece is formally a statement piece can we go ahead and call it a contemporary art piece.

What we can say, is that all of My work comes with a built in elegance and sophistication that is immediately apparent, and draws in the viewer. There are plenty of other mediums that can facilitate the emergence of this kind of sophistication, but how many artists are capable of working in such a way that this subtlety is brought forth? There is an approach to buying contemporary art, corporate art, wall art , digital art prints, fine art or pieces that are created with the interior design artist in mind, this technique is bellowing in silence. 

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