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Just a little preview of some new pieces I've been working on over the last few weeks, months .. wow time goes too fast. Anyway, I've been back in the creative zone which is where I belong. I came to the conclusion that working in reduced colour pallettes is best for me and my mind. 
It's kind of easier to focus more on the overall composition of the abstract work. Using too many colours within an abstract design can often overpower the actual structure and balance. I know some people enjoy viewing vibrant colours and lots of them but, for me, as an artist I know it's not helping the dynamics and overall effect. 

In fact, I went another step beyond using just a limited palette and that was to use only black and white within my work. I have found that by doing this and keeping the temptation to use colour at bay that the mind can focus on other areas of the abstract work. I have found that I'm able to see better compositions and also experiment with various techniques and incorporate more texture into my work.

New Abstract Design inspired by my love of coffee :)

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