Abstract Styles

I have recently come to the conclusion that I don't really have one particular style under the abstract style umbrella. I take my influences from everything and anything which may catch my and trigger an idea.

I like to work in an expressionist manner with more importance on simple strokes and marks over nice colour combinations. I also like to focus sometimes on more precise and considered shapes and forms on a flat ground. I have recently begun to revert back to an older technique in which I create shapes and textures and collage or arrange over a flat ground. These new works are not dissimilar to the style used by Kandinsky although I like to think I have my own effect.

For me simple colour combinations are important as it doesn't overcomplicate when viewing the artwork it enables the mind to become more at ease with what it is trying to figure out. Too many colours, in my opinion can often spoil a piece of art. When I research trends in art and try to discover what is happening in the art world I often notice art with way too may colours. I think artists are, without realising, trying too hard and maybe I myself used to do this.

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