Magic Of Music Within My Abstract Art

Music is an important part of my work. That’s the connect that takes me into the deep realm of reflection and resonance. Music is magic, Music is joy, Music is melody, Music is melancholy, Music is much more than a form of expression, Music is a medium of sound, silence and beyond.

Art forms are always complex yet simple, universal yet unique. A creation that takes the creator to a different world of absolute pleasure, where the creation alone exists.

Abstract is an art form of divine reflection. With every stroke and mark created, a subtle sound is associated. Hearing to good music has great effects on the body and mind. I love to hear to my favourite music. It is important for me whilst creating abstract art. Rhythms, mixes overlapping beats etc. sets the mood to celebrate. I listen to long mixes uplifting soulful house style which get me in the creative mood. Getting the right mood to produce a stunning piece of art is pivotal for any artist.

Abstract art has got to do with the expression of the inner self. The work often reflects the mood, the thoughts, the inspirations and emotions. That is why the art that is produced is soulful and captures the heart and penetrates through the soul. The shapes, colours, lines, textures and tones on various mediums combined with the techniques lead to a definite masterpiece.

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