About me

Hello Im Michael Hunter. Im artist and designer.
Abstract art for me is the most rewarding style as it has endless possibilities. I am fascinated by the way in which simple shapes and forms can be arranged using interesting colour combinations.
My work involves various techniques and applications such as painting and mark making along with the use of photography and digital manipulation.
The finished artwork is presented as a crisp vibrant print set into various editions.
Please visit my ART PORTFOLIO web gallery to view original digital art prints.
My exclusive gallery works are set into low editions or one-off pieces and come with a Fine Art Guild certificate of authenticity. I have my work in various UK galleries and looking forward to gaining further interest in the future. 

If you are a gallery seeking new artists then please feel free to contact me as I would love to work with new galleries.
I studied A level art at Blackpool and the Fylde College where I learned the basics of drawing and painting. I was influenced by the countryside that surrounded me and had a keen enthusiasm to get out with my sketchbook and camera to use as a reference for larger landscape drawings and paintings.I progressed my work further by studying at The Cumbria college of art and design where I achieved a degree in fine art. My style changed dramatically from a traditional style to a kind of semi-abstract expressionist style of landscape painting. Influenced by the likes of David Bomberg. Finally, I found harmony with a total abstraction which is where I feel most comfortable. Abstract art for me has no limits or boundary's and just gets more enjoyable every time I create a piece. I get inspired by many different things. It could be a walk by the sea and the feeling of being free. It may be the colours within a pile of autumn leaves. I think just being free-spirited and the enjoyment of life itself can be all I need to get into the creative zone.

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